4 easy ways to make your new home a smart home

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4 easy ways to make your new home a smart home

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We're inviting technology into our homes. It's estimated that more than 55% of UK and US homes will have a smart speaker by 2020. Smart technologies are making our lives easier than ever before. We can order a takeaway in seconds just by speaking out loud, or check that the kids are home from school without waiting for them to reply. But if you've bought one of the many new homes in Cheshire, how can you turn it into a high-tech smart home?

 1. Add a smart speaker
The smart speaker is, for most people, the very first piece of smart technology. This small device can connect to all of your other smart gadgets or work independently to answer your every question. Connect it up to your online music streaming service, to play your favourite songs in seconds, or ask it for a recipe for the perfect loaf of bread.

2. Install a smart security system
Keep new build home crime-free, with smart security systems. These include video doorbells, allowing you to see who's at the door without an old-fashioned peep-hole. You can even view the camera from your phone, to watch your house from wherever you are.

Smart home security systems provide peace of mind, whether you're looking out for suspicious activity or checking that your child is home from school. You can also see how delivery drivers are handling your online purchases.

3. Add smart lights
A great addition to any home, smart lights are a relatively low-cost improvement to your home. These can be controlled from your phone or smart speaker, even changing colour or brightness. Set the mood for cinema night, or dim your little one's bedroom light to help them get to sleep.

4. Set up smart thermostats
With a smart thermostat, you can control your home's heating from your smartphone wherever you are. Whatever your property type, including shared ownership in Cheshire, this is a simple addition to install. If you've been out all day, turn the heating up just before you drive home. If you've gone out and forgotten to turn the heating down, you can easily adjust it on the go.

Smart home products are not just novelties, but valuable tools for your home. They can keep you safe and save you money, turning your new house into a high-tech home that you can control with your voice.

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