Apartments are a great choice for a variety of buyers

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Apartments are a great choice for a variety of buyers

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Many people go to great lengths to save money for a deposit over many years, and with good reason. Investing in bricks and mortar can offer much greater returns than any other form of investment. You get a place to call your own, and it helps to build your own financial security.

Buying an apartment is often more achievable than buying a house

While more of us might want to own our own homes it's never been more difficult. House prices keep rising, and it can now take many years to save for a deposit. Buying an apartment can make real financial sense. They're usually more competitively priced than houses, and with lots of new-build options on the market, there are real bargains to be had.

When you've got your foot on the ladder it's easier to move up a rung. Apartments are a great way to own your first property.

Apartments are great for down sizing 

If you've raised a family, paid off your mortgage and no longer need quite so much space, moving to an apartment can make real sense. You can buy a beautiful new-build apartment for a fraction of the cost of the family home you're selling, freeing up funds to enjoy your life. Easy to manage, secure and straightforward, apartments are a great option for active retirees. Mr & Mrs Jackson of Wistaston certainly agree, they recently downsized from a three-bed family home to an apartment at the Cerris Homes Wistaston Brook development.

Shared Ownership makes property-owning dreams a reality

Apartments are often available on a Shared Ownership basis. This allows you to buy a percentage of the property, and to continue renting the rest. You can then staircase up to full ownership as your finances allow. If you begin with a 25% share of an apartment, the deposit you'll require will be much more affordable.

Apartments offer low-maintenance, stress-free living

If you want to lead an active life whatever your age apartments are a great choice. They usually require very little maintenance, shared gardens and grounds are looked after for you, and there's no property type more secure than an apartment.

Stylish apartment living is available at the Cerris Homes Wistaston Brook development in Crewe. Why not find out more?

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