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Create Your Perfect Space

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We have been spending a lot more time inside lately – and that has inspired us all to make our space look exactly the way we want.

At Cerris Homes, we always put 110% into making our homes modern and well-decorated. If you have been trying to improve your space, we want to help. Make your house a home with our inspiring ideas for your interior:

Bring Nature Indoors
We love adding houseplants to any room. Not only does this purify the air around you, it also brightens the space and can provide a calming atmosphere.

Light It Up
Do you want to add a touch of cosiness to your home? Fairy lights or curtain lights are the perfect accompaniment. Alternatively, a uniquely designed lamp will display your character – and a colour changing light bulb adds a splash of fun for kids.

True Colours
Having a feature wall can give you a vibrant, differentiating colour to the rest of the walls. This is a fantastic way to give some character if you prefer a more minimalistic approach.

Light as a Feather
We love adding some interest with a fetching feather light shade. It gives your room an elegant edge and they are available in a range of different colours to suit your home.

Metallic Magic
You can easily give your room an industrial flair with a hanging metal frame. These are metal frames with a glass middle that open and close, offering you the chance to add whatever you want into the frame, whether it is a collage of pictures or just one. They also offer a fun activity for the kids – they can customise them how they want!

Mirror, Mirror
A classic mirror is a perfect choice. You can choose a standing mirror or hang one on the wall for a modern, classy look that also saves space.

Join the Cosy Club
A stylish throw can bring cosiness to your living room. Drape it on your sofa or store it in a small metal basket, ready to be retrieved when the weather turns cold.

We hope these handy hints help you to create your dream home!

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