Decorating your Cerris Home for Christmas

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Decorating your Cerris Home for Christmas

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Its that time of year! Christmas is just round the corner, which may be daunting, but don’t worry - we have a checklist for you including the essential Christmas decorations and how to turn your Cerris Shared Ownership home into one fit for the festive season. We are hoping that our guide helps you if you decide to celebrate this magical time of the year and give you that Welcome Home feeling! 



This is the ideal decoration to lay across the top of your fireplace with some fairy lights, or on your Christmassy dining table, it will go perfectly with you Christmas tree.  


A very symbolic and therefore important decoration to have hanging on your door or anywhere in the house, it will make your home look festive and merry which is great for this time of year. You can even make your own! 

Christmas buntings  

A great addition to your festive décor and can go anywhere around your home: along the fireplace, across the wall, above your curtain lights, along the fence in the garden, across the window – the possibilities are endless. 


Have some small presents to give? Put them in your Christmas stockings! This is the ultimate gift-giving starter for the special day, and superb for the kids (and the adults too). 

Potpourri and scented candles 

They will bring the Christmassy mood to your home and are the perfect thing to have in every room for that boost of festive scent. In the centre of the dining table, on the side tables, anywhere! 


The obvious choice for many people at Christmas! They are the best thing to have all over your home and can take all kinds of shape and size to celebrate and display the joy of the festive season.  


If you have read our Create your Perfect Space blog, you can adapt your home to fit the holidays: add lights to your house plants to add a brightness to it, tie baubles to your curtain lights for that extra special touch and you can create your own Christmas frame with your family! 

Why not use a local business near you that sell any Christmas decorations, to support them as this is a very difficult time and they always have the best and unique options for the things we can use to decorate in honour of the Christmas holiday. Also remember to stay safe during this time and enjoy the festivities! 


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