Downsizing made easy with shared ownership

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Downsizing made easy with shared ownership

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Have you ever dreamt about life without the burden of a large house and garden, and are looking for houses to buy that fit the bill? Maybe you are at a crossroads with your children nearly grown, or have gone through a life-changing event such as a divorce or bereavement. 
Whatever has brought you here, you will be reassured to know that there is an easy way to downsize, free up cash, and still own a share of your home. 
What is shared ownership? 
Shared ownership is an affordable housing scheme which allows people to buy a share (between 25 and 75 per cent) in new-build homes so they part buy and part rent their home. The rent is subsidised, so the combined payments of mortgage and rent per month represent great value, often less than a mortgage alone and not a lot more than renting. 
You can buy a greater share in the property when you can afford to until you own it outright, and can also sell your share at any time. 
Could shared ownership work for me? 
Whatever your stage in life, shared ownership could work for you. It’s not just for first-time buyers as it’s also available to people who are already homeowners as long as they have a buyer for their property when they apply. 
So it’s perfect for anyone who is thinking of downsizing and looking forward to the next phase of life, free of the hassle of keeping up with a larger family home and garden. 
It’s also ideal for anyone facing a divorce for instance, who may not be able to afford to buy their own home outright after a split. You will still own part of your own home and will have a smaller deposit and mortgage to find. 
Shared ownership homes from Cerris Homes are newly built to high standards. Many developments are designed to be close to transport links and amenities, so not only are they are an affordable route to home ownership but offer the easy, relaxed lifestyle you may be looking for.  
If you would like to find out more about shared ownership, our team will be happy to help. Email us at or give us a call on 01782 854748. 

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We provide high quality, new homes that are affordable for you to buy, through the shared ownership scheme.