Halloween decoration ideas for your Cerris home

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Halloween decoration ideas for your Cerris home

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Happy Halloween! If you choose to celebrate this spooky occasion, we have some amazing decoration ideas for your lovely Cerris home! From baking Halloween treats to pumpkin banners, this will help you to turn your home into something that is certainly fit for the occasion.

  • Halloween baking is fun and there are many things you could create! Ghost cookies, spider web cupcakes, pumpkin pie (of course) and our favourite marshmallow ghost biscuits!
  • Pumpkin banners are the perfect decoration to hang on the wall, you can make your own or easily find one at your local shop! You can also make a Halloween paper chain, using different coloured paper which fits with the colours associated with this creepy holiday.
  • Of course: pumpkin carving! Are you going to make your pumpkin a scary face or a ghostly design of your own? You can even skip the carving and paint our pumpkin with a Halloween-inspired design.
  • Fairy lights are the perfect way to add to the decoration: place them on your mantel, windowsill or even on the wall above your banner. They are a good thing to have and look very pretty (which is needed during Halloween!)
  • You can never go wrong with balloons: easy to find and blow up to scatter around the house. You could even draw on them to add a haunted design and fit even better with the rest of your impressive ideas!
  • Spider webs are a good small decoration that are easy to use and also easy to find at a local shop! Add fake spiders for an extra touch of Halloween.
  • Skeletons are the best Halloween decoration, especially for the outdoors. Place it in your front garden to finish off your haunted house look!

If you decide to decorate for Halloween or even use some of our ideas, make sure to post it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag us so we can see your amazing creations!

Due to Covid-19, celebrations during Halloween are required to be in controlled environments and abiding with government guidance. Instead of going trick or treating, families are encouraged to:

  • Dress up in the comfort of your own home
  • Read a scary story
  • Watch a scary film
  • Carve a pumpkin

Please remember to stay safe during your celebrations, stay inside with your household and make sure no other households are with you.





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