Josh's Story: getting your foot on the property ladder during lockdown

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Josh's Story: getting your foot on the property ladder during lockdown

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Despite the fact that the coronavirus crisis has affected everybody’s lives during 2020, we’re all learning to carry on with our lives. For many people, moving into a brand new home is a big part of that. Living in the new normal means the big things in life must carry on happening, and purchasing a new home certainly counts as a ‘big thing’!

That’s definitely the case for 22-year-old Joshua Hodkinson, who recently moved into his home in Shavington Park, one of our new build developments in Cheshire: he is thoroughly pleased with his new purchase.

Joshua, a retail line manager who lives alone, was keen to go one of our for new homes in Cheshire to buy his first home and wasn’t put off in the slightest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic definitely delayed the purchase process for me,” he admits, “as I first registered way back in March. But COVID-19 didn’t put me off from going through the buying process.”

“All in all, the process took six months to complete – but I’m sure it would have been quicker without COVID-related issues slowing things down!”

Despite the delays, Joshua is now settled into his new house and is delighted that he now has his own space – a home that he can call his own, and that he’s able to decorate just how he chooses.

As for why he decided to go for Shared Ownership in Cheshire with Cerris Homes? Well, the answer is pretty simple, as it happens: “It was simply the easiest way for me to get onto the property ladder on my salary,” says Joshua.

Joshua heard about Cerris Homes while doing some online research about Shared Ownership schemes and affordable housing in Cheshire. He has found the whole process simple and easy to manage. “Cerris Homes provided me with great service,” he says. “They kept me informed about every stage of the build and purchase process – as well as all the admin surrounding buying a house via Shared Ownership!”

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