Keeping children entertained during lockdown

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Keeping children entertained during lockdown

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The coronavirus crisis has, in the space of just a few weeks, completely altered the lives of billions of people around the globe. We have been encouraged to remain in our homes and only venture outdoors to garner essentials, meaning that it has become vital to find new ways of not only keeping ourselves entertained but stopping our children from going stir-crazy.

So, with that very firmly in mind, we’re here to offer some guidance that will not only keep smiles on the faces of your kids but will keep them active and ensure they continue to learn despite schools being closed.

1. Keep connected

Social isolation means that, of course, physical interaction with people outside of the immediate household has been all but banned. However, that does not mean that communication has to stop – rather, it should be encouraged.

For example, set your children the task of ‘interviewing’ grandparents to discover how they kept themselves busy when they were children. This will achieve a trio of goals; it will encourage your child to prepare and write relevant questions, it will give grandparents something to look forward to and enjoy, and it will provide genuine advice that can be utilised.

2. Give them a reading challenge

There has never been a better time for children to fall in love with reading. Not only is it a genuinely fantastic way of passing the time, but it will teach them the value of patience, and will also allow them to learn through a form of entertainment. Setting reading challenges, such as encouraging them to read a certain number of pages in a particular time frame or giving them a fun quiz based on the content of the book once they have turned the final page, can also be beneficial.

3. Stay active

The importance of remaining active and healthy cannot be overstated, but it is important to keep all exercise as fun as possible or it will, very quickly, become a drag. Influencers such as Joe Wicks have launched online exercise classes for children that are not only simple but effective and high in tempo. If your child is a bit of a novice when it comes to exercise, give this a go, but if they are a little bit more advanced, check out the Gymshark and Barry’s Bootcamp Instagram feeds, as these are posting an array of free exercise routines throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

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