Top 5 decorating tips for a new build home

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Top 5 decorating tips for a new build home

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Buying a new build gives you the chance to really stamp your personality on your property. New homes are a truly blank canvas and present an exciting opportunity to translate all your decorating ideas into reality. To help you get started, try these decorating tips out for size:


1. Define your style

Sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz offer plenty of inspiration for those blank walls but be realistic. Staged interiors look great but may not work with your lifestyle, and if you can't stand clutter and bright colours why bother following the Boho trend? Defining your own personal style gives you the opportunity to create a timeless and truly personal interior. 



2. Take your time

Homes on new housing developments can show signs of shrinkage and cracking during the first 12 months which is why most developers advise new homeowners to wait until they start to decorate. If you're savvy you can use this time to experiment with colour to work out what works best for your style and how your chosen colours react with light. 

The easiest way to create that welcoming homely interior is with the new neutrals, so play around with soft pinks and dove grey, sage green and duck egg blue to add interest and warmth. But don't be afraid to play with bold, dark colour in intimate spaces like a hallway or bedroom.



3. Work room by room

All those blank walls can be overwhelming, so break it down and work room by room. Start with your statement pieces like a bed or sofa as a focal point and then try different layouts, zoning larger spaces to create comfortable and functional areas that work with the way you live. 
And don't forget the garden - in our busy lifestyles our outdoor space makes a stylish and useful extra room. New homes may offer lawned gardens that are a blank canvas, but be careful before you dive in. Newly laid grass takes time to get established so keep off until the new growth is lush and healthy.  



4. Personalise

If you didn't have the opportunity to choose your own fixtures and fittings, swapping out generic door handles and light switches is a great way to make the space your own. Try switching chrome for brass or matte for gloss for a personalised look.



5. The power of accessories

Never underestimate the power of accessories to make a room feel like home. Using different textures and materials is a sure-fire way to add interest and a sense of warmth to any space. Just make sure your curtains, rugs and cushions work with your final scheme and you'll add style and colour in a flash. 

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