Why you need to consider schools before you move house

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Why you need to consider schools before you move house

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The new school term has begun, with children and parents everywhere excitedly sharing stories of their first weeks. So, if you’re thinking about moving house in the next year, now is as good a time as any to consider which local schools would be the best fit for your child next year, whether it's primary, secondary school or college. Get it wrong when you make your move and you could find yourselves out of luck and having to move again, or facing a long daily journey in the name of education. 
How do I find local schools? 
You should start with a quick online search. Google Maps will pinpoint schools in the area and then you can visit their own websites to get a feel for their ethos, their teaching methods and the sort of teachers and pupils they attract. It’s also worth looking into internet forums, where other parents might have posted their views of the school and how their children have found the experience. 
Travel to school 
How will you and your kids will get to and from school, and how might it fit around your own commute if youre in work? It’s important to consider things like this when you’re looking to move home. If your new home is within walking distance then that’s a bonus, but if it isn’t then you need to look into whether the school provides transport, what the bus routes are like and, if you drive, a few possible routes so you know your options. 
How do I find school ratings? 
Ofsted visit and rate every educational establishment, and the government has a handy tool for checking the latest scores for schools in your area, which can be found here. You can see how a school has performed, the ages of students attending and the name of the headteacher, alongside a very useful comparison list so you can weigh up all your choices. 
We provide affordable housing in Cheshire, with good schools right on the doorstep. Our new-build developments in Cheshire mean you can have a new home and fall within the local catchment area.  
Moving house can be a big upheaval for children, so settling them during the summer holidays means they can make the best possible start come the new term. For more information on our new homes in Cheshire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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