Jetting off on holiday? Here's your essential home checklist

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Jetting off on holiday? Here's your essential home checklist

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While you’re away on holiday the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is safe and secure, especially if you're leaving it for the first time since moving in.

One of the benefits of moving into new housing developments is that you can depend on improved security for your home. But there's always more you can do to keep your home safe.

Our handy checklist will give you peace of mind while you kick back and relax!


  • Check windows and door locks: Your new build home will have top-notch glazing for improved security, but make sure you've locked them securely before you go.



  • Leave your keys with a trusted neighbour: Ask them to park on your drive, remove any mail from the letterbox and even keep the garden watered. Leave phone numbers where you can be contacted and don't forget to let them know you'll return the favour when they go away!




  • Install security lights: New homes often come with security features like motion sensor lights. If not, install them around your property.



  • Don’t advertise your holiday on social media: Going on holiday is your time to relax and recharge your batteries. However, posting your photos online whilst you’re away also indicates to others that your home is empty. So perhaps consider holding back on posting your holiday pics online until you're safely back home!



  • Install a home monitoring system: Do you have a smart doorbell or cameras? If not, these are worth considering as a way to monitor your home whilst you’re away from it. If you have them already, check they’re all working correctly. This is your first line of defence against intruders so make sure you advertise the fact that your home is fully protected and add stickers at all points of entry.




  • Set up a timer: If you don't have smart plugs, now's a good time to invest. You can set your lights to come on at night to give the impression that someone's at home to deter intruders.


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