Colin's story

Grandfather-of-five Colin Black says his new Shared Ownership home has transformed his life.

The 62-year-old is originally from London, but he lived in Manchester before moving to Loachbrook Meadow in Congleton.

He said: “I couldn’t get a mortgage because of my age, and I always looked at these shared ownership schemes with a degree of cynicism, but I was wrong. It was seamless, I feel so lucky to have this wonderful home.”

Colin suffered ill health after developing blood poisoning two years ago. He then contracted pleurisy and pneumonia. Now his new home is helping him recuperate, and he is closer to his family.

He said: “People might think shared ownership is designed for young couples or first-time buyers, but it’s much more than that. I had a bit of money from a previous house sale but it was not enough to buy my own place.

“After my marriage break-up, I wanted the security of a place to call my own. I tried renting for a while but I hated it, it felt like someone else had a say in how I lived.
“Then my daughter told me about this Cerris Homes Shared Ownership scheme at Loachbrook Meadow. The house is comfortable and easy to maintain, and at my stage of life that is fabulous.

“I feel healthier, more content and secure. I wanted peace and quiet, and I didn’t want to have to rely on others, or be a burden.”

Colin describes shared ownership as ‘neither renting or buying’, it’s a distinct alternative, which offers the best of both. He wants more people to be aware of the benefits it can offer.

He added: “People get the wrong idea of property, they think a house is a commodity or an investment.

“The housing market in this country is dreadful, but I am so grateful to have my own home. I feel like the beneficiary of a fantastic scheme and I would encourage people of all ages who are struggling to buy their own home, to try it.”