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Bartholomew Place Case Study

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That wonderful feeling when you pass from room to room in your first home, reminding yourself that ‘It’s mine, all mine!’.

This is what Marketing and Business Development professional Karl Ascroft was hoping to achieve when he approached Cerris Homes for help.

Finding a deposit seemed insurmountable

Karl is in his early 30s and has previously tried (and struggled) to save up for a first home deposit while in a relationship. However, thanks to Cerris Homes, not only has he finally achieved what seemed like the ‘impossible dream’, but he’s also done it on his own.

What made the difference, enabling him to put down roots in Bartholomew Place, Crewe?

He said: “Shared ownership (with Cerris) was an amazing alternative. I was actually able to buy a property and pay less each month compared to renting alone!"

Door opened to home ownership

Karl added: “I definitely want to staircase up to 100%. This is my first home and I am confident it won't be my last, now I’m on the ladder!’

Meanwhile, Karl is loving the idea of not only avoiding ‘throwing away money by renting’ but also "having a place to call my own and not feeling the constraints of a landlord."

Expectations exceeded!

Karl is pleased with the speed and friendliness of the service from Cerris Homes, but his delight in having a way to afford a first home is what truly brims over.

He said, "I couldn’t have asked for a better first home. The finish is incredible and the garden is HUGE for a new build."

Clearly, Karl is relieved that he listened to the recommendation of a colleague, who had been through a similar process. Now, he too has no hesitation in urging people to give Cerris Homes a call. We help first-time buyers navigate their way through dealing with other relevant bodies, such as solicitors and mortgage lenders.

Karl explained: "Hannah (from Cerris Homes) was probably the only constant and a real rock in the whole process." He added, "I hate waiting, and Hannah was there to reassure me and offer advice."

Karl’s last words on buying a first home with Cerris are, "They were incredibly accommodating and supportive, and did a load of chasing for me as well, to ensure the move-in day came as quickly as possible! I couldn’t have got a better service.

When are you going to get the keys to your first home, and take that wonderful walk around your dream property? Call Cerris Homes to make a plan.

Why Choose
Cerris Homes?

We provide high quality, new homes that are affordable for you to buy, through the shared ownership scheme.