Dealing with Lockdown

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Dealing with Lockdown

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Lockdown has been a challenge and a hard time for everyone. As we go into our third national lockdown, here are some things to keep you busy and motivated throughout.  

  • Exercise > this is a key thing for motivation and staying well. You can set yourself goals and targets for each workout, this will keep you going and is very important to keep you healthy! 
  • Take up a new hobby > whether its baking or yoga; gardening or sewing, a hobby is the perfect thing to do during lockdown. If you already have a hobby, it is a great way to spend the lockdown days! If not, start up a new one – develop your skills and see how much you will improve. 
  • Films > as you may be with your family more through lockdown, a film night would be the perfect way to spend your evenings. 
  • Learn something new > this could be a great opportunity to learn something new like a language, a new skill, or an instrument. Could be a lovely thing to have as a skill once lockdown is over! 
  • Decorate your Cerris home > having a change around in your living room, bedroom etc can be quite refreshing which is something that we all need during lockdown. 
  • Contact loved ones > for some people, lockdown takes a toll on their mental health. Checking up on your loved ones can make all the difference, for yourself as well as others. 

Remember, everyone is going through similar things due to lockdown, so we all need to stick together and support one another! 

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