How lockdown has changed the sales process!

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How lockdown has changed the sales process!

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At Cerris Homes we've always prided ourselves on providing a fantastic, personal service, for all of our customers looking for properties with Shared Ownership in Cheshire. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant waves across the property industry. After all, the whole process of finding and buying a house used to involve a lot of visits, and face to face contact with members of our sales team. However, we knew that in the world of social distancing - this had to change. That's why we've simplified our sales process, and made it a lot more straightforward for you to find the property of your dreams.

The whole reservation process is now quicker and easier, we've removed the need for face to face meetings - and instead have been able to set up initial discussions on the phone, or using video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. We've found that this is actually really helpful for our customers, and they've told us that it feels like a much more relaxed, personalised service that they are receiving. You'll be able to see an overview of the property, before you arrange your viewing. All of this is supported by our excellent representatives, from start to finish. These discussions give you the chance to get all of the details that you need, and ask us any questions!

As you chat with one of our highly trained sales representatives, they can provide all the details you could possibly need about our new build developments in Cheshire. They can explain all of the details of the property or properties you are interested in - from explaining the stair-casing process associated with Shared Ownership, right down to the tiniest detail about the plot boundaries. It's also taken the hassle out of getting documents signed and posted. Much of this can now be done electronically, which takes out a lot of the delays that were previously associated with this stage of the process of buying new homes.

So, if you want to find affordable housing in Cheshire without compromising on the quality of customer service, why not get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!

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