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Selling your Shared Ownership home

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Shared Ownership can feel like uncharted territory for many buyers, and here at Cerris Homes, we've found that one of the most commonly asked questions relates to selling on their house when they want to move on to the property of their dreams.


A simple fact to remember is that no matter how much of the property you own (even if it's just 25%), you are still an owner and are therefore able to sell 100% of your home (t&c’s apply). As one of the leading developers for new homes in Cheshire, we've got experience talking through all the concerns our customers have. As a result, we can say with complete confidence that those considering shared ownership in Cheshire should not be put off by worrying about what will happen when the day comes that they want to sell. That's because it's an incredibly simple and surprisingly headache-free process!


The first thing we ask our owners to do is to let us know of their intentions to sell. We'll help you out with sales and marketing for your property. Those wishing to sell their house can, of course, go through an estate agent too, but costs for an agent will need to be covered independently.


We will then help walk you through the sales process, making sure your house is valued fairly (and taking into account any improvements you as the homeowner might have made!). If all the forms are in place, those selling a shared ownership home will then be able to market the property through the routes they wish. Once a buyer has been found and all the required checks have been carried out, keys can be passed over and you'll be able to move out into your new home. We're passionate about making life easier for our buyers here at Cerris homes, and believe our simple process is easily understandable, even for those who find the whole concept of selling up a little daunting!


If you yourself are currently looking for a shared ownership route for affordable housing in Cheshire, there are some incredible properties currently available with us here at Cerris Homes. Our great range of new build developments in Cheshire have buyers from all over the country astonished at the value for money offered by such modern, stunning houses. Why not contact us today for advice. or download our free guide to sell your home.

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