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Spending summer at your Cerris Home

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The summer months are fast approaching! Although summertime can be unpredictable in the UK, it's always nice to spend some time in the sun. Whether that’s relaxing, or having BBQs with family and friends, we love to make the most of the warm weather. Your Cerris Home provides the great opportunity to do so – here are some ideas:

Decorate your garden

Make your garden feel homely with some decoration! This gives it a personal touch and makes it more accommodating and inviting. You could include:

  • Fairy lights to lighten up the garden
  • Seating area for sitting and sunbathing
  • Garden swing for enjoyable sitting with a cool breeze
  • Parasol/gazebo to provide some extra shade
  • A paddling pool to keep cool and for the kids to enjoy
  • Hammock for some comfortable lounging

This also adds character to your garden and allows you to enjoy the space to its fuller potential!


Hold a BBQ

BBQs are a popular thing to have during the summer months especially and are a great thing to hold amongst family and friends. You could even have a certain theme for the BBQ to add something more – tropical, festival-style: there are lots of possibilities!


Garden games

Having a game of ring toss or croquet is a great way to have some fun, test your skills and get all the family involved! This is also a great thing to do at a BBQ as a pre-food activity for everyone.


Plant something new

Planting some flowers, plants and more in the garden can encourage and improve the health of the vegetation and even help the local wildlife! It’ll brighten your garden up and add more life to it.

Start a vegetable patch – growing your own vegetable and fruits is a longer project but provides lots of great benefits:

  • Something to focus on and look after
  • Encourage the kids to spend more time outside
  • Great to be able to eat once they are grown


We hope these are helpful ideas for you to use this summer in your garden!

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