Getting your new-build garden ready for a summer BBQ

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Getting your new-build garden ready for a summer BBQ

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New-build houses, like our new homes in Cheshire, are clean slates for their first owners. These are houses without history. They're homes you can make your own.

When you buy one of our new-build developments in Cheshire, you have the freedom to personalise your living space in a way that simply isn't possible with an older, more lived-in property. You’re free to create a living space that’s perfect for you, and you're not influenced by the tastes and preferences of any previous owners.

The garden is no different to the rest of the house. It's a blank canvas, waiting for you to add your own personal touch. When you first move into your affordable housing in Cheshire, how do you know where to begin?

Get your garden ready for summer BBQs and house warming parties, with our tips especially for new-build properties.


1. Don't tackle too much at once

It's tempting to imagine your perfect garden, then set about achieving all your goals straight away. 
Unfortunately, this will probably leave you without a usable garden for months.  
Make small changes, bit by bit, and you'll never be restricted from a sunny summer BBQ. 
Your new-build garden will be ready to use and enjoy from the moment that you move in, as long as you make any changes slowly.


2. Pick the right plants 

If you visit a garden centre in early spring, picking all the most beautiful plants, you risk a garden that's lost its colour by late summer.  
Plants flower and bloom at different times, so carefully select a variety. That way, your garden will look its best in every season. 
Choosing the right plants for your new build means that your garden parties and summer BBQs will be full of colour, fresh floral scents and picture-perfect memories.


3. Plan your space

New-build homes have gardens that won't yet include any decking or patio areas. If you'd like to add these, think about where exactly they should be.  
Most people build their patio immediately outside their back door, but adding decking at the end of your garden can create a more peaceful atmosphere.  
Check where the sun hits your garden at each time of the day, and consider what time you'll most want to be outside enjoying it. 
Whether you've opted for shared ownership in Cheshire, or a property that's all yours, you'll have big ideas for your garden. Remember that a fresh start means you may need to do some additional work, and some personalisation, to make sure that you're ready for that outdoor housewarming party. But once you get it just right, it’ll be well worth the effort!

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