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Tips for recycling at home

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Trying to solve the climate crisis single-handedly may seem overwhelming. But if everyone made small changes at home, that would make a significant difference. If you’re moving into one of our new homes in Cheshire, it could be a great chance to make a fresh start on the environmental front. Moving home is an opportunity to have new systems in place. 
Did you know, for example, that you could recycle up to 70% of your household waste, or reuse it in some way? It’s not just about sticking the rights things in the correct boxes – anything from electrical goods to furniture and food scraps can be recycled.  


Here are some of the things you can do once you've moved into your Shared Ownership home:


  • Find out where the local recycling centres are – asking neighbours could provide the ideal chance to meet them. Equally, learn what doorstep recycling the local council offers and when it should be put out for collection. Most new-build developments in Cheshire will have recycling facilities. Read the relevant section of your council's website.  
  • Be an eco-friendly mover by using and recycling cardboard boxes – flatten them before putting them in the relevant bin. Recycle anything you realise you don’t want as you move into your affordable housing in Cheshire.
  • As you set up your new kitchen, make space in it for recycling bins, and don’t let them overflow. 
  • All plastic bottles, and often tubs, pots and their lids and tops can be recycled. All paper products, down to loo roll tubes, wrapping paper and even phone books can too.
  • Fit in a trip to a recycling point around another journey or errand
  • Single-use plastic is obviously environmentally harmful. Ditch plastic straws and single-use cups for reusable ones and use as little plastic as possible when food shopping.  

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to develop good recycling habits!

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