Christmas Entertaining in your Cerris Home

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Christmas Entertaining in your Cerris Home

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Christmas is almost here, and sometimes it can be scary to take the responsibility of hosting for the festive day. Many people who celebrate Christmas always enjoy being with the family, so here are some tips for entertaining in your Cerris Home to make it that little bit more special!


Forward-thinking is key

There are many things to think about and sort out at Christmas, from gifts to food, and from cards to arrangements. Planning for the big day earlier is a big help when sorting everything and can also save you a lot of stress. Then, when it gets to Christmas, everything will be done, and you can focus and be present when the 25th comes.

Setting a table fit for a Christmas celebration

The food is usually the main attraction at Christmas time, so get creative making the table fun and Christmassy. Try adding a nice tablecloth, with themed napkins and crackers for festive cheer. A Christmas wreath makes a great centrepiece for the table and adds extra decoration too! Something that can add more to the table is a small gift for each guest and makes the dinner even more exciting.

Create a festive atmosphere

Music is one of the main things that lifts the Christmas cheer, so having it playing or even in the background creates the perfect atmosphere for the day. Maybe have a bit of karaoke with the family and sing along together!

Get everyone involved

Preparing the meal, presents and more at Christmas time can sometimes be quite stressful. Get everyone involved on the day, whether that’s making the food, setting the table, preparing and arranging the gifts – not only does it get things done quicker and easier, but everybody is also involved and spreads the Christmas festivities and excitement.


We hope you have enjoyed another fabulous year in your Cerris Home property! All the team at Cerris Homes would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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