Gardening in your new Cerris home

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Gardening in your new Cerris home

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As we approach the warm and sultry seasons ahead, our gardens are going to be in full flourish! We of course want them to be comfortable and make the most of the lovely weather. So, here are some tips on getting your garden ready for the summery months:

  • Garden stone painting – the best way to add that signature touch to your garden, and easy to do! Grab a few pebbles and decorate them however you would like! This also encourages the kids to get crafty and spend some time outdoors.
  • Wine cork plant labels – wine corks are a great thing to use and repurpose to label your plants and crops! They are a great way to add something new to your garden. Simply write onto them with a marker and place next to your crops and plants.
  • Add some colour – add some vibrant flowers and decorations to liven-up your garden. This will attract some wonderful wildlife and make your garden more inviting for you and your visitors!
  • Grow some crops – as we may have all picked up some new hobbies during lockdown, it’s never too late to still do so! Growing fruit and vegetables is a lovely way to get outdoors and something to focus on. Plus, you will have some great crops at the end!


I am sure we all want to make the most of the months coming and what better way to do so than being with friends and family? Having a garden hang out with them is a perfect idea to spend the spring and summer months! Gardening is also something that will help our mental health and wellbeing, providing a lovely way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

We have some great properties available for you to call home and spend some quality time in the garden. View them here.

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