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Supporting wildlife at your Cerris home

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It is important to play our part in looking after our environment and the wildlife. We can achieve this by adapting our gardens and providing them with suitable things to encourage and look after the wildlife that we may encounter and that you may see at your new home. 

Our gardens are a great place to do this, so here are a few ideas and tips: 

  • Birdbath – birds and wildlife need water to keep hydrated and clean. Having a birdbath in your garden and keeping it topped up with fresh water weekly will help with this and support wildlife in the area.  
  • Grow some flowers – butterflies, bees and lots more wildlife benefit from flowers as they help to feed them and also attract these beautiful insects to your garden! 
  • Birdfeeders – give the birds a snack while they stop by for a drink and a bath! As we approach colder months, they can help to keep them fed during the icy seasons. Keep these regular as birds may depend on these food sources, and make sure to use feed that is best for the birds. 
  • Avoid using things that are toxic to wildlife – using weed killers etc can be very dangerous towards insects and wildlife. There are some harmless alternatives that are easily found online which don’t endanger the wildlife and insects as much. 
  • Birdhouse – adding a birdhouse provides a shady, safer place for birds to use as shelter and forms a great place of protection for them. Especially in the colder months, they can stay safe and keep warmer. 
  • Educate your kids and loved ones – telling your kids about wildlife, its importance and how to keep them safe can not only increase the support towards it but also encourage your children to spend more time outdoors.  

This is a great thing to introduce to your garden and we would love to see what ways you have introduced at your Cerris Home to help support the local wildlife - tag us in your social media posts and photos so we can see your amazing work! 

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